Translation Best Practices

Use underscore to separate variable names in translation strings

E.g. “%user_name%” instead of “%userName%”

Put punctuation marks inside the translation

As each languages behaves differently, e.g.: * What’s your name? * Quel est ton nom ? * ¿Qual es tu nombre?

Translating dynamic strings

“Dynamic string” means a translation phrase which contains some variables. Variables are identified by surrounding “%” percentage signs. So when you see something like this as the key: “Hi %member%!”, put it inside the flexy translate method tr() and consult a developer about the corresponding name of the variable in the system.

{tr(#Hi %member%!#,vprintf,#member|userName#)}

Note: * member is the name of the variable in the string to be translated * userName is the name of the variable whose value comes from the system and will be used in the translation

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