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  Searching for some Menu-Stuff for a new version of my main page, [http://www.hallstatt.net], i found Seagull. [[BR]][[BR]]I’m living in Germany, Bavaria.[[BR]][[BR]]At the moment i’m planning to open business as a freelancer.[[BR]][[BR]]My main project in the internet is www.hallstatt.net, a quite big site about the World Cultural Heritage town Hallstatt in Upper Austria, where i learned instrument making. One day i want to switch this site to Seagull, but i need translation2 for this releaed ;) …[[BR]][[BR]]When i’m not translating, programming or instrument-making i play my guitar…[[BR]][[BR]]You can find me sometimes in the [IRC], #Seagull. My nickname is wmk.[[BR]][[BR]]BTW: If someone want’s an lo-fi live-recorded cd of my music (me and my accoustic guitar only), just email me ;)   http://seagullfiles.phpkitchen.com/images/members/werner_hackergotchi.jpg [[BR]]This pic was shot while celebrating Gelati at the first SGL User Meeting in ~Padova/Italy, July 2004   http://seagullfiles.phpkitchen.com/images/members/werner_hackergotchi_schatten_160.jpg [[BR]] Guess what? (Hint: i also make music…)[[BR]]  

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